Learn essential techniques to cook restaurant-caliber food at home

You don't have to go to culinary school to become a great home cook!  
Course is a 5-class virtual cooking series designed to teach you the fundamental techniques you need to take your home cooking to the next level. With each 2 hour class, you'll learn from professional chefs while cooking a delicious weeknight meal. This series is ideal for the home cook who wants to build a foundation to become more efficient and confident in the kitchen. 
Claim your spot now and let's start cooking! 
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1. Register for Course

You'll receive ingredient and equipment lists and important information before each session. 

2. Learn the Secrets 

Each week, we'll join together in our virtual classroom kitchen. Our chefs will guide you through each lesson using recipes that demonstrate key techniques. 

3. Cook 
restaurant-caliber food at home

Eliminate frustration and confusion in the kitchen and start cooking amazing food at home. 


  • 5 Live, Virtual Workshops: each 2 hour workshop will be fully interactive and a ton of fun! 
  • Pre-Class Meet & Greet: we'll have a 1 hour Zoom session before we start. You will be able to ask any questions, meet the chefs and get all of the info you need to be fully prepared for our first workshop. 
  • ​Chef-Curated Cooking Guides: our team's recommended ingredients, shops, tools and equipment, and online cooking resources.
  • ​Recipes: each week we will cook several recipes that demonstrate the key techniques that we're practicing in each lesson.  
  • ​Ingredient and Equipment Lists: we'll send you detailed lists of what you need for each session. 
  • ​Members-Only Slack Group: a place to ask questions, seek advice, share recommendations and just hang out with other home cooks! 
  • ​Bonus Tips & Videos from Our Chefs: there are a few skills that didn't make it into the syllabus so we'll be sure to share those as bonuses along the way.
  • ​Tips and Tricks from Professional Kitchens: our team will share some of the best tricks we've learned from our years spent cooking professionally.
  • ​Fun in the Kitchen: cooking brings us joy and we look forward to sharing that with you. 
  • ​Access to a community of like-minded cooks looking to sharpen their culinary skills: meet new people and make new friends! 
  • Continued Support: We won't leave you hanging when Course is finished. We'll be in touch to check in with everyone and offer continued support.  


The first 10 people to sign up will receive these amazing bonuses: 
  • BONUS CLASS on Eggs: Eggs are the ultimate lesson in timing and temperature. In this bonus class, we'll dive deep into several key egg preparations such as scrambled, poached, boiled, and more! 
  • Free Tablespoon Virtual Class: You'll receive credit to attend a free virtual Tablespoon class of your choice. Put your new skills to use and choose any of our virtual classes to expand your learning. 
  • Private Access to our exclusive Cooking Advice Hotline: We'll give you our private number so you can text us cooking questions at any time. We're here to troubleshoot, give advice, encourage and help however we can. 

Dates & Times

We’ll meet on five Tuesday evenings from 6-8pm: 
- February 2
- February 9
- February 16
- February 23
- March 2


$249 per device (+ tax and fees). 

Have a question?  Text COURSE to 513-898-1688 and text with a member of our team! 



  • Massively Improved Confidence in the Kitchen. You'll be a more confident cook, and a relaxed one, too! 
  • Mastery of Fundamental Cooking Techniques. You'll have the skills you need to conquer nearly any recipe. 
  • To Cook Better Tasting Food. You'll learn how to season, use proper technique and cook food that just tastes great! Say goodbye to the days of mediocre dinners. 
  • Efficiency and Organization in the Kitchen.  We'll teach you ways of working that will change the game and prevent your kitchen from turning into a major disaster with every cooking project. 
  • Enhanced Culinary Knowledge. There's more to cooking than just recipes, and Course will help you enhance your general culinary education including ingredients, equipment, vocabulary, key chefs and cooks, and food news. 
  • To Save Time and Money in the Kitchen. You'll eat out less because you'll be able to cook great food at home. And we'll be sure to share some shortcuts that will save you time and make your life easier! 

Meet The Course Team

Becca Kinney

Becca will be co-leading the Course series. 

Claire Sells

Claire will be assisting the Course series. She'll be operating the camera, providing support in the chat and helping along the way. 

Emily Keenan 
Customer Experience Director

Emily will provide customer support and makes everything happen behind-the-scenes. 

Jordan Hamons
Tablespoon Owner 

Jordan will be co-leading the series. 

Have a question?  Text COURSE to 513-898-1688! 


What are the dates?

We’ll meet on five Tuesday evenings: 
- February 2
- February 9
- February 16
- February 23
- March 2

What time do we meet?

6-8 pm

Do I need equipment?

Yes, but nothing crazy. We've designed the class to be accessible for all home cooks, so we've limited the equipment to things found in a basic home kitchen. Prior to each session, you’ll receive an equipment list via email. We're always happy to come up with an alternative if there's something you don't have. 

What about ingredients?

You'll need to provide your own ingredients. We've designed the menu so the ingredients are easily accessible and there will be cross-utilization throughout the different sessions of Course. We're always happy to suggest recommendations for brands, where to purchase, etc. 

Prior to the first session, you’ll receive a shopping list of all non-perishable items for the 5 weeks. Then, prior to each session, you’ll receive a list of perishable items for that week’s class.

How will I know what ingredients and equipment I need?

All digital materials will be sent via e-mail each week, with a link to a folder with downloadable PDF’s. 

How much does it cost?

$249 per device (+ tax and fees). When you register, you’re paying for one device (phone/tablet/computer) to log into our virtual kitchen. If you have multiple people in your household that will be cooking along with you (from the same device), they can be included in your registration (example: you and your spouse or someone who lives with you are doing this course together). If you'd like to register someone who will be joining from a different device, a separate registration is required.

How many people per class?

In order to provide individualized instruction and coaching, we’re only offering around 30 spots in this series. 


What if I want to do this with a friend?

Great! When you register, you’re paying for one device (phone/tablet/computer) to log into our virtual kitchen. If you have multiple people in your household that will be cooking along with you (from the same device), they can be included in your registration (example: you and your spouse or someone who lives with you are doing this course together). 

If you'd like to register someone who will be joining from a different device (presumably from a separate household), a separate registration is required.

I have food allergies or dietary restrictions. Can I still join?

We will do our best to accommodate and help provide modifications. However, please reach out to us prior to registering so we can discuss with you and make sure it is a good fit. You can text us at 513-898-1688 or email us at

Can I sign up for classes individually?

The intention behind this series is that each class builds upon the next in terms of skills and techniques. It's okay if you have to miss a session, but we will not be offering the classes individually or at a discount. 

Is there an age restriction for this series?

This class is intended for adults, but those 16+ are welcome to sign-up. Adults are also welcome to have younger helpers join them in the kitchen. 

Who will be teaching the series?

Great question! Tablespoon's chef-instructors are seasoned professionals who have years of experience in the culinary industry. With their help, you’ll have the tools to become a better, more efficient home cook. Scroll up and check out our meet the team section for more. 

I am a total beginner cook. Will this be too advanced?

Course is designed for cooks of all levels. We encourage anyone who wants to improve their skills to join us. Please view the syllabus for specifics on what will be taught. Shoot us a text if you would like to chat further and we can help you decide! 

I'm a pretty skilled cook. Will this be too novice?

Please check out the syllabus to view a detailed list of techniques we’ll be learning to determine if Course is right for you. If you need help deciding, go ahead and shoot us a text and we can chat through the decision with you! 

What will each class be like? Can I talk to the chefs?

Course will be fun, organized, welcoming and interactive. Our virtual classes include enhanced audio and a multi-camera view so you never miss a step. But, if you do have a question, you're always welcome to unmute yourself and talk to the instructor. We'll also utilize the chat function and have a Tablespoon staff member providing support in the chat box and operating the different camera views. 

This will be a small, intimate experience. We're looking forward to getting to know everyone who signs up and having a great time together! 

When will you be offering the next session of Course?

At this time, we don't have any plans for a future session.  Course is something we hope to offer again in 2021 but there are no definitive plans at this point. 

What if I have Zoom fatigue?

We hear you... but trust us, this is a different experience. We know how hard it is to sit in back-to-back Zoom meetings for work, this is a totally different feel. We're going to have fun, learn together, and cook some delicious food! 

What do I need to do before each class? Will this be a lot of work?

No, our goal is that there is very minimal work outside of class. We'll send you a list of prep each week but we keep it to simple tasks such as measuring your ingredients and washing your produce. Otherwise, all of the cooking will happen in class. If there's ever a complicated prep step, we will send a video with instruction so you know exactly what to do. 

You didn't answer my question... 

We're happy to chat! Just send us a text at 513-898-1688 and a Tablespoon team member will follow up right away. 

Not sure if Course is right for you?  Text COURSE to 513-898-1688 and a member of a team will respond to answer any questions and help with your decision! 

100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not satisfied after completing all five sessions of Course, just let us know. We’ll give you your money back. Our number one commitment is to giving you a great experience. 
  • Text: 513-898-1688
  • Call: 513-818-2975
  • Email:
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